I’m Gina and been doing the graphic design and branding thing for a long time. I’m qualified and experienced.

I’ve worked in agencies, within multi-million pound businesses and I’ve branded over 350 small and medium-sized businesses.

I know branding.

So I know that the only way you will get the branding you deserve is if I get to know you.

So working with me gets personal.

Ask any of my past clients and it quickly becomes clear that it’s the one-to-one nature of how I work that people love.

It’s also why they keep coming back.

If you choose to work with me you really do get ME.

We’ll be face-to-face, either in person or online.

I will be digging deep into your business – and your brain – so that whatever we produce speaks truly of you, your ethos, and what you do.

Because your brand needs to be authentically you.